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How to dress Goth?

24 Jul 2021
How to dress Goth

You dream of dressing like a goth in everyday life whether it is at work or at school, but you don't know where to start? You want to know what are the right clothes to wear to create a true goth outfit and perfect your need to be different? 

Don't worry, our team of passionates of alternative fashion and more precisely in gothic fashion is here to explain you everything. Summarizing roughly:

To dress goth, girls and guys must wear black clothes and wear outfits that combine materials such as leather, lace or suede. Then, you have to accessorize your outfit with some aesthetic jewelry like chains, bracelets and necklaces. And, finally, you need to complete it with iconic alternative culture symbols like the pentagram, the baphomet and the skull.

These are the essential elements to keep in mind if you want to dress more goth. But if you want to learn more, we have written a very complete article to discover:

  • The basics of Gothic Fashion
  • How to dress up as a goth easily and on budget
  • Some Goth Outfits ideas

The goal is that, by the end of this article, you'll know how to dress like a true Goth. Better yet, you'll be able to create the most beautiful goth outfits and enjoy a seductive power that no other style can offer! You'll be able to shake up the rules and make sense of this sinister world of conformity.

Let's start without further ado:


How to dress like a Goth in 2021?

As you may know, Gothic fashion was born out of the post-punk scene in the UK about 40 years ago during the 70's and 80's and the rise of the goth movement has been so successful that today, thousands or rather millions of people are sporting this unique look around the world.

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Moreover, like other alternative fashions style, gothic clothing style has its own codes. So, if you want to enter the gothic scene, you must first learn the basics of this popular movement and acknowledge some characteristic features that have been present since the beginning.

1) Colors

First important rule to dress goth is to wear black clothes or at least dark color clothes.

⚫ Black

Black is and will always be most important color for a definite gothic look, so make it the main color of your wardrobe and to diversify your outfits with different pieces for every season. For example, mini shorts or skirts will be the best choices as bottoms for summer, as well as crop tops or thin and flowing t-shirts as tops.

During cooler seasons, Goth don't wear the same clothes. We need to warm up with sweaters, hoodies, denim pants for example or coats. It would therefore be wise to have several pieces for each garment in dark or black tones.

Don't worry, just because you want to wear a gothic outfit doesn't mean that other colors are forbidden as you can also add these other colors below:

🔴 Red

Just after black, red is the second most important color in Gothic Fashion as it can create positive and negative emotions depending in the context from passion to aggression and intensity.

Moreover, Red is the color of fire and blood, symbolics elements very anchored in Goth Subculture as it is associated with powerful emotions such as passion, desire, strength and love

🟣 Purple

Mixing both red and blue characteristics, purple is right up on the Gothic colors spectrum. Indeed, purple reflects the energy and strength from the color red and matches it with spirituality and integrity from the color blue.

🔵 Blue

The color blue evokes something cold like the night and dark skies as well as negative emotions which can make some people feel depressed.

But, people also believes that the color blue connects with depth and stability, symbolizing trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and heaven and darker shades of blue represent knowledge, power, integrity and seriousness.

For example, Dark purple is associated with royalty, nobility, prestige and majesty; signifying spirituality, ceremony, mystery, transformation, enlightenment, wisdom, magic, mystery and luxury it oozes all the traits characteristically Goth.

🟢 Green

Although very often forgotten, Green is also a very important color in Goth movement as it refers to Nature and its symbolism of growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. 

🟣 Pink

Pink is not a very used color by Goth, however, it is the main color of a derived Japanese Street Fashion style called Pastel Goth which is associated with Gothic Lolita fashion trend.

⚪ White

Last but not least, White is the color of purity and of renewal. Indeed, as white does not stimulates the senses, it invites to reflection, creation and imagination.

2) Ripped Clothes and Fishnets

Gothic style fashion is meant to provoke, to attract the eyes without fearing the judgments of others, to show a rather rebellious temperament and, especially, to deviate from the dominant norm. Therefore, ripped clothes and fishnets are very popular among the Goth community.

Then, don't be afraid to try and to wear black jeans, denim shorts, leggings, frayed tights t-shirts with artificial holes in the fabric as they are a standard in Gothic Fashion. 

3) Symbols and patterns

Aesthetic graphic prints are very important when you want to dress in goth. Occult or whimsical, melancholic and true to the dark romanticism patterns are a base to consider. If you want to deviate from the solid color, you can definitely go for embroidered fashion pieces with patterns of crescent moons, stars, skulls or crosses.

Gothic Fashion also worships a few symbols that could be useful if you want to dress goth. You may know some of them, for example:

  • the famous "A" symboll of anarchy
  • the ankh
  • the wicca
  • the pentagram
  • the baphomet

All these symbols can be worn on clothes as well as on jewelry and accessories such as a choker.

Finally, Goth love floral patterns that can be either embroidered or printed on their clothes like on dresses or hoodies.

4) Materials

In Gothic Fashion, the choice for the materials is rather free depending on your taste. Many, when they think of gothic outfit, see a black leather outfit from head to toe. Well no, that's not how it happens. Certainly, leather is very popular within this fashion of dress. It will be used, but usually we will combine it with many other textiles.

Cashmere, cotton velvet or suede can create something quite gorgeous. They keep you warm in winter and allow you to shine in the evening. Black lace or satin, viscose or muslin, nothing is forbidden. With them, you will be able to model different outfits and mix fabrics, material and cut. Moreover, by making different combinations, you can obtain either a romantic, chic, streetwear or sexy gothic outfit to show off to these gentlemen!

Obviously, season and temperature will go hand in hand with the materials you choose.

5) Tights and Footwear

As bottoms, these are more fashion pieces in their own right. High socks, tights or fishnet stockings will be very precious especially when you wear a mini skirt, midi or even mini shorts as they will highlight your charm and keep you warm.

For the shoes, Gothic Fashion don't have any rule about them so you are 100% free to wear what you love the most from platform sneakers, to boots, and sandals or high heels.

6) Jewelry and Accessories

Finally, you need learn something very important and it's how to choose the right jewelry and accessories for your Goth outfits; and God knows that we should not neglect them!

For the jewels, you can and should opt for all kinds of jewelry. Leather chokers, studded bracelets, rings, piercings, Gothic jewelry will bring more finishes to your gothic outfit. For the patterns, you are free as long as you stay in the dark, the fantasy and the imaginary like good old skullsoccult symbols or bats. For the materials, you can play with leather and for the metal we prefer the silver color. Gold reminds a little too much the bourgeoisie and it is not what we want to show.

For the accessories, you have lots of choices. To decorate your outfit, you can add many flowery headdresses of black roses which are perfect for a feminine and seductive style. Otherwise there are various hats, caps or tiaras that can do very well. Apart from head accessories, you can decide to wear a shawl, a scarf or pretty mittens to stay warm in cooler weather. Of course, handbags or the clutch can support your gothic style while giving an even more feminine look to your look.


How to style Goth Clothes?

Now that you know the basics, you're know ready to discover how to learn how to combine all the different elements seen previously to create the most popular types Goth outfits!

1) Romantic Goth Outfits

Romantic Goth Outfits

Perfect for going to bed or for a dinner out, Romantic Goth Outfits hold a real charm. If you want to make it, you can wear a short romantic gothic dress to express your natural elegance. Most of them have a silky cotton velvet material, a partially bare back, bare shoulders and sheer floating sleeves. 

You can also wear a small low cut top with laces that you can match with a high waist skirt, short, long or midi, it's up to you. All in black it will be perfect! To complete the outfit, you can opt for your favorite jewelry and a handbag.

2) Sexy Goth Outfits

Sexy Goth Outfits

When you want to bewitch and push your charm to the top you can put on a sexy goth outfit. And there, we take out the artillery accordingly. We can for example bet on our sexy midi gothic dress with some fishnet stocking or transparent tights. They will undoubtedly make their effect.

Here we don't necessarily need any accessory. However, you can wear it with some silver jewelry, a leather garter, a nice pair of heels, and why not a slimming corset for even more seductive shapes.

Finally, if you own tattoos, try to dress up as they are not hidden under your clothes.

3) Goth Chic Outfits

Goth Chic Outfits

To dress Gothic Chic, you need wear a sober, but equally elegant dress, draped, slit, and with thin straps. You can also start on a white shirt and a black tie, all covered with a small black sweater too. This will bring a rock and retro character to your outfit.

For the bottom it's up to you. We put shorts, fishnet stockings and a pair of flat boots. With a nice makeup and a hairstyle, work it gives something pretty cute.

4) Street Goth Outfits

Street Goth Outfits

To dress up your Street Goth Outfit, there is nothing like the good old gothic hoodie. Some models are printed cool design from the gothic universe like skulls, bats or occult symbols, which is exactly what we need! Moreover, you also can opt for a sexy crop top hoodie.

For the bottoms, cargo pants or techwear pants with straps or chains or the best when they are matched with high black boots.

5) Goth Punk Outfits

Goth Punk Outfits

If you want to turn to a more punk rock style, it's pretty easy, add some metal! But first, you will need to dress with a rather soft and very feminine set. 

To do that, chose a small black top tight and openwork with rivets on the collar. Then associate it with a fake leather legging and pretty leather gothic rock boots with wedge heel.

And complete your outfit with silver rings, earrings and a small handbag that goes well with it.

6) Summer Goth Outfits

Summer Goth Outfits

To dress Goth in summer, the main word is "comfort". To do that, you can wear clothes with a short cut and thin and breathable fabrics like Gothic Summer dresses.

If you prefer simple tops, you also can wear black goth tops that can be transparent if you like them like that and pair it with a pleated mini skirt that would go well with it.

Then, you need to find the right shoes for you. To face the heat of summer, prefer  a pair of black sandals, it will be perfect for a walk in town or by the lake!

7) Winter Goth Outfits

Winter Goth Outfits

To dress Goth in summer, you need something thick, warm and soft. Something very trendy this season is to create an outfit based on a Sweater Dress. Some other variants like our Gothic Hooded dress are made of cotton velvet with a hood and long sleeves. In short, everything you need to brave the coldest temperatures!

Moreover, you can pair them fishnet stockings, but the more chilly among you can wear it with high socks, full tights or even leggings. If that's not enough, you can opt for high and furry boots or thigh-high boots. 

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