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Mixing a lot of different styles and cultures for our greatest pleasure, Gothic Fashion is one of the biggest clothing style movement in the world and maybe even one of the oldest. Created dozens of centuries ago, Goth Clothes have been able to adapt to all popular movements since the beginning and is now divided for several years into different styles appreciated by many alternative culture fans that we honor on our store.

What is Gothic Fashion?

Gothic fashion appears thanks to the gothic movement itself. This counterculture movement has drawn from many fields and has been deeply inspired by them. Appeared in the wake of the punk and new wave movements, dates from the end of the 70s. After the creation of the gothic subculture, time continues to march on and the fans are always more abundant. It then takes a phenomenal extent, until it separates from the punk movement and becomes independent in 1983.

Gothic style fashion founds its way through the cultural and artistic universe. Literature is an example of the gothic novel, the precursor of the noir novel. Cinema has also influenced it with films and scenes referring to the supernatural, to horror, to the unusual, or to the monster. Of course, we also find singers and bands from the '70s dressed in black, with frizzy hair and make-up such as The Cure and their batcave look. They bring a dark, nostalgic side to their sounds and mix the urgency of punk with a strong theatricality.

As you may have noticed, Gothic look fashion and its movement are based on different aspects. Characterized by romanticism, the infatuation of history and the time, it refers to the darkness, the melancholy, and the fantastic. It knew how to draw here and there to charm many people and then extend its scope. All this to transform itself into a unique and contentious movement, animated by an exceptional community.

Types of Goth Fashion

Let's discover together the different types of Goth styles and Fashion:

Gothic Style Clothing

Under its dark shades, sometimes with baroque, medieval or Victorian influences, Gothic Style Clothing charms and seduces like no other.

It is the perfect ally in this modern world where self-image unfortunately counts more than anything else. Between all the existing fashion pieces, tops, bottoms or even shoes, it allows you to create clothes that are both feminine and bewitching. One thing is sure, when your Goth Clothes are perfectly chosen, your outfit will not leave anyone indifferent!

Essential piece of any Female Goth Outfit, enchanting, sexy or romantic, Victorian or asymmetrical, in leather or velvet, the gothic style dress highlights your femininity without neglecting the rest. This fantastic garment, in addition to its own look, exposes your culture, your style and your opinion, all without hindering your comfort or your appearance.

Gothic Aesthetic Clothing

When we ask people why they wear Gothic Aesthetic Clothing, the unanimous answer we receive is that they want to be part of something, a group, a community. To share your ideas with a group of people like you. Not to be alone in your corner, or worse: surrounded by people who don't understand why you have this or that style of dress or this or that way of thinking.

Just as in any other group, people who dress in aesthetic goth clothes to come together and share their views on the world and society. We are social animals, and it is in our nature to gather and socialize with like-minded people. Being in a group also allows us to feel superior because the addition of our personalities creates that identity-making us a powerful group. And not being alone, but surrounded by like-minded people is one of the easiest ways to be happy.

In this quest to join a community group, there is also the fact that the gothic movement is extremely rich. There is more to it than just a symbol or wearing a particular piece of clothing. There are even different ways for a person to join our counterculture.

Some come because of the music, some because they are attracted by the ideas about life and death, some simply because they like how fashion Goth aesthetic outfits are. And this is what makes our subculture so rich. There are so many doors of entry! The reality is that, like everyone else, Goths came to join the movement because they found something that resonated with them and identified with it.

Street Goth

Half way between the traditional gothic universe with its dark clothes, chains and spikes, and Japanese Streetwear coming from the alternative culture very present in the districts of Harajuku, Shinjuku and Shibuya in Japan, Street Goth Fashion has everything to please any initiated and new fan of Modern Goth Fashion.

This new type of Urban Goth mix perfectly Techwear, Streetwear and Goth styles to create Goth Ninja outfits completely out fo the ordinary and that are just mind blowing. Tops, Bottoms, Harnesses and Boots, check our most recent arrivals and create the best Modern Goth Outfits today!

Romantic Goth

Luxurious and refined version of this Fashion Style, Gothic Chic Clothing brings you the best and transforms it into something so sophisticated and elegant that it becomes almost wicked.

With its outfits inspired by the 18th and 19th century Victorian era, Romantic Goth Fashion is the way to go for ladies and gents who aspire to look at their best with a Gothic victorian dress while still dressing according to the Gothic style code.

Alt Goth

If we would have to describe what is Alt Goth Clothing, we would say: "We take the best from all and we combine them together".

Indeed, Goth Alternative Clothing is the mix of all alternative fashion trends like emo, punk, vampire, witch, and steampunk styles for the best.

Derived from all the most popular dissident clothing trends, Alt Gothic Fashion may be the best and most diversified style around in 2021 that could please any adept of Gothic Clothing.

Gothic Clothing Blog

Shop the best gothic clothing online in 2021

Between fantasy, originality and provocation, Gothic Clothing is the mark of those that are not afraid of the judgment of others and affirm their wish to be DIFFERENT.

Indeed, Gothic Style is a movement that proudly expresses the REJECTION OF UNIFORMITY and the domination of the norm. More than a simple look, it represents our values and preserves this beautiful culture resulting from the punk and new wave musical movements.

What is Gothic Clothing?

Gothic Clothing comes from a desire for protest. In a growing black world, directed towards globalization, standardization and conformity, Gothic style Clothing emanate from discontent. Because yes, in a society where the image imposes itself as an implicit guarantee, adopt an unusual appearance remains an effective tool of revolt.

It is therefore developed with the aim of defending its own values such as individual freedom and moving away from the dominant currents. To do this, it gathers new and unusual elements. She takes on a dark character through clothing with materials such as black leather or lace. She also does it with accessories such as chains, studs, piercings and more. To accentuate it all, she adopts offbeat hairstyles and makeup as well as occult designs.

Apart from the different points seen above, art and music scenes come into play. Even if the Gothic Era Clothing does not result directly from it, it is partly inspired by expressionist cinema, literature and of course music. It draws from fantasy, dark romanticism, melancholy, darkness and theatricality. 

Where to buy Goth clothes?

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