Gothic Jewelry

Back in the Gothic heyday - the mid-twentieth century to...

Back in the Gothic heyday - the mid-twentieth century to be precise - Gothic jewelry was all anyone could talk about. Gothic fashion dominated popular culture and the Gothic movement was rock-solid in its influence over fashion, music, visual arts, literature, and more. Gothic jewelry was particularly en vogue during this time period.

What's not to love about Gothic jewelry? The darkly romantic styling of Gothic pieces makes them perfect for fans of Gothic culture. Their images are inspired by graveyards, death, darkness… a whole range of Gothic themes that continue to be prevalent in modern culture today! Here is a list of what you can find on our store:

Skull Jewelry

Skull Jewelry is a collection of Skull-themed jewelry made during the early 20th century. The collection consists of earrings, necklaces, brooches, and rings. Skulls are popular symbols for many reasons: in some cultures, they represent death and mortality; others believe that skull replicas can ward off evil and bad luck.

Cross Jewelry

The Cross has been a symbol of Christianity for millennia. It is an ancient and storied symbol, often attributed to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ himself. The Cross was such a powerful religious force that it became the root word for words like "crucifixion" and "crucify." Today, Gothic Cross Jewelry remains popular among those who find deeper significance in physical symbols. Crosses can represent many things to different people; hope, faith, protection against evil spirits and witches, and love are just some examples. Crosses serve as great options for jewelry designs due to their sheer simplicity. Crosses can be adorned with gemstones or simply polished to enhance their shapely forms.


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